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Coffee giant UCC Coffee have partnered with MOMA plant-based milks to deliver the ultimate in ethically sourced breakfast coffee, just in time for UK Coffee Week.


To mark UK Coffee Week from 10th – 16th October, Lyons Coffee have teamed up with MOMA plant-based milks to deliver the ultimate in convenience led, great tasting, ethically sourced breakfast coffee. The sampling activity will reach around 50,000 consumers who will each receive 3 different blended Lyons coffee bags along with a full-size sample of MOMA unsweetened barista oat milk, allowing them to make the perfect breakfast beverage in the comfort of their own home or office. Lyons bags are portable, compostable, and once brewed, perfect topped with a splash of Moma Oat Milk.

The partnership comes in response to recent consumer research from Mintel* that reveals that when it comes to breakfast, a huge 51% of consumers are now consuming breakfast out of home or on the go, so it comes as no surprise that 55% of consumers cite convenience as the most important factor when it comes to choosing breakfast items.

Furthermore, according from research by Lyons**, 43% of consumers have coffee for breakfast, and flavour is the key feature consumers are looking for when selecting their morning drink. 

And whilst 67% of adults are currently concerned about food and drink prices, they also are compelled by products which are ethically sourced, plant-based, and boast packaging which can be easily recycled/ composted.

With this in mind, the ethically- sourced Lyons coffee bags, alongside the plant-based Moma milk, make it an ideal combination for breakfast – allowing consumers to enjoy great tasting, affordable coffee in a simple and convenient way.

A coffee format on the rise.

60% of consumers have either never seen or do not know about coffee bags at all, but those that use them are faithful to the format, with over 1/3 purchasing at least once a month as a minimum.**

Consumer quality expectations for coffee are a lasting legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic. The closure of coffee shops and inevitable rise of in-home coffee experiences means that consumers are savvier than ever when it comes to quality and taste in coffee – and they’ll seek actively seek it out when visiting out of home venues.

With Lyons' bags coming in individual sealed "envelopes", the coffee is not exposed to fresh air and, therefore, retains its taste and aroma for longer. This means every mug receives fresh, quality coffee (similar in flavour to pressed coffee) in the same amount of time as instant, conserving the quality consumers demand.

*Source: Mintel 2022

**Source: Attest x Lyons Brand Survey 2022 (250 respondents)

UCC create outstanding coffee experiences for the most dynamic businesses in foodservice, hospitality and retail – making every cup count.

Sustainable offers and premium experiences – UCC have the right coffee for your customers’ tastes in our range of retail and out of home coffee brands.

Lyons products can be purchased from UCC via UCC Coffee Direct. Get ready to grow your coffee business faster at ucc-coffee-direct.co.uk.



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