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In this issue, we preview this month’s very popular London Coffee Festival and our features showcase some espresso machines, as well as what coffee pods and capsules can offer. We also highlight how creative the tea sector is becoming.


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Café Life Magazine - Issue 85

  • Starbucks UK tests first-ever paper cup charge.
  • Industry ready to welcome the first European Coffee Expo.
  • Compass to launch Barista Academy of elite coffee experts.
  • The complete one-day vending show.
  • European Coffee Expo 2018.
  • London Coffee Festival 2018.
  • In touch and in control - espresso machine developments.
  • Creative teas - day part offering, food pairings and tea’s ethical credentials.
  • Smooth operators - pods and capsules.
  • Cockroaches in the coffee machine - advice on how to deal with pests in cafés.
  • Navigating the digital ordering landscape - advice from Preoday’s Matt Graywood.
  • Water scheme to cut plastic bottle use - plans to refill water bottles for free.
  • Right to Work compliance.
  • John Watt & Son, Carlisle.
  • New products.
  • Checkout.
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