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Your point-of-sale system is critical to your business. Specialists Elavon explain why.

An electronic point-of-sale system, known as an EPOS system, provides the next level in service.

Here is how an EPOS system can make sure you never miss a beat - however busy you are.

  • Slash queues
    No more keying in long orders in one place and inputting payment details in another.
  • Link orders to your inventory 
    So you can see what’s running low and adjust your menu in good time rather than letting customers down after they’ve ordered. 
  • See what’s selling best 
    Track in real-time by sales, by team member or by discount. You can quickly introduce an offer for the things that aren’t proving so popular.
  • Make discounts, bundles and meal deals easier 
    So combinations automatically lead to pre-determined discounts. Trigger them when customers revisit or time-based for happy-hour cocktails or rush-hour coffees. 

Your customers can pay how they want through an EPOS system, whether using a digital wallet, a gift card or tapping a payment card. Split and merge bills easily and issue receipts electronically. Keeping contact to a minimum and cleanliness to the max!

Find out how an EPOS from Elavon can add harmony to your business at www.elavon.co.uk/EPOS.


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