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As the weather warms up and we move towards release of the grip of the Coronavirus pandemic, a mobile coffee business is the perfect way to serve great coffee at wide-ranging outdoor venues. 

 Fracino’s 1, 2 & 3 Group Contempo and Retro Dual Fuel coffee machines can operate on LPG gas and a 12v battery.

An innovative LPG powered heating system enables these powerful espresso machines to be used in a location away from fixed, mains supply services - such as outbuildings, marquees, a trailer or mobile vehicle. The perfect solution for the coffee shop owner looking for alternative solutions to serving coffee away from their shop premises.

The Dual Fuel range provides all the key features of Fracino’s standard electric systems – such as premium build quality, for a long, reliable and cost-effective ownership experience. The large capacity boilers fitted to each of the different models provide copious volumes of hot water and powerful steam for excellent milk frothing results – all day long.
Innovatively, the equipment is also fitted with a standard electric heating element as well - to allow the user to quickly and easily switch to mains power supply operation whenever the location permits.

Fracino is renowned for producing robust espresso machines that are very easy to look after and inexpensive to maintain. The Dual Fuel models are no exception to this! A simple daily cleaning routine takes just a few minutes. Fracino’s inherent high quality construction and reputation for exceptional reliability ensure that the ownership experience is a long and productive one, with minimal attention necessary.
British manufacture ensures that spare parts are always readily available.
The quality, highly polished stainless steel working surfaces are easy to clean and look smart for many years

The Dual Fuel models are perfect for single owner and operator start-up ventures - or the busiest of locations. They are regularly seen in operation in many outdoor locations, festivals and events – steaming powerfully along to keep thirsty visitors and customers satisfied!

For more details on the range, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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