Kite Packaging revolutionise takeaway packaging with compostable greaseproof paper 

Takeaway food packaging has a bad reputation of excess and negative environmental impact. Kite Packaging  resolved to change this with their range of eco-conscious food packaging solutions; their latest addition being their compostable greaseproof paper.

Comprised of a sulphite pulp, the paper fibres have been thoroughly beaten to produce a closed structure boasting resistance to oils and fats. As a result, any moist or potentially greasy foods can be reliably contained within the paper wrap without liquids seeping onto the customer’s hands when eating.

The sheets are available in three pre-cut sizes to facilitate rapid packing at pressurised point of purchase situations or within busy kitchens that cater toward takeaway deliveries. The clean and hygienic bleached white appearance perfectly suits the requirements of the food industry while exuding professionalism.

Greaseproof paper is ideal for wrapping sausage rolls or pastries on the go, or lining Kite’s postal boxes or pizza boxes for the deliveries. Whether you sell brownies or run a street food stall, this style of food wrap is an essential for reducing mess and increasing user satisfaction.

After use, the customer can simply put the packaging into their domestic compost bin where it will quickly decompose into organic compounds that actively benefit the earth. The produce of a compost bin can act as fertiliser for flowers and plants, hence promoting the flourishing of our natural environment.