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A number of demands and developments are shaping what type of coffee machines operators are now seeking.

Getting mobile

During the various pandemic lockdowns, many entrepreneurial coffee shop business owners very quickly cottoned on to the idea of keeping their businesses trading by taking their coffee shop to the places where people were out and about, report the UK’s only espresso machine manufacturer, Birmingham-based Fracino.

Housing estates, public parks, local forests and alike were where the people were, and it wasn’t long before the coffee shop owners set up their trailers, horse boxes and vans that had been fitted out as a mobile version of their stores, and started serving coffee there instead. Indeed, mobile coffee took off in a really big way, observe the company, who claim to manufacture one of the most powerful LPG powered espresso machines range available, and seeing sales of these increase over 400% during that period.

“The trend and enthusiasm for continuing this novel idea appears to have really caught on, and many artisan roasters are now using the concept for sharing their unique talents for creating amazing coffees and taking them to the places that people meet for leisure activities. This gives plenty of opportunity in a relaxed environment to share their knowledge and fantastic flavours to multiple new customers,” says Peter Atmore, Fracino’s head of global sales and marketing.

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By offering a wide range of dual fuel models, Fracino feel that they are able to provide every new venture with the perfect solution for their specific requirements. Operating from LPG (in the form of regular barbeque gas bottles) and a 12v battery connected through an inverter to the machine to power the pump and electronic control system, these innovative models ensure full mobility and the opportunity to serve coffee in the remotest of locations.

Then, back at base, the same machine can be connected to a mains power and water supply and, without any technical work required, claim the firm, become a standard, electric powered machine again…

Durable construction from high quality stainless steel means that the Fracino Dual Fuel models are robust and h3 to ensure they can handle the rougher treatment of moving around the roads and fields their owners take them to, Fracino point out, they having now added new models to their PLG-powered range to support the growth of this sector, they report.

“A powerful water boiler and innovative waffle iron/crepes griddle system are being introduced for the upcoming 2023 spring and summer season,” reveals Peter Atmore. “Where there are people, the motto is fast becoming ‘serve coffee!’” 

On show

Evoca Group, in attendance at the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering show (Stand H511) held at ExCel in London, have undergone a major makeover in recent years, they report, the company having expanded from its traditional role as a manufacturer of vending machines to become an innovator and supplier in the OCS and HoReCa markets (in fact, they say that HoReCa products now account for more than half of Evoca UK’s turnover).

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In their Gaggia traditional machine range are the La Reale and La Precisa, both designed to look stunning on the counter, while delivering everything the barista needs to craft the perfect espresso. Gaggia, of course, is one of the most famous names in the world of coffee and in keeping with its tradition, all the technologies developed by the brand are designed to set new standards in the hot drinks market, say Evoca. La Radiosa exemplifies this ethos. A fully automatic machine, it can deliver barista-quality drinks from an extensive menu which is accessed via a 10” touchscreen user interface.

The show also provided a chance for visitors to get a sneak preview of the La Solare super-automatic machine, together with traditional single-group model La Dea, paired with the G5 coffee grinder.

Also serving excellent coffee, paired with freshly foamed milk, is Necta’s Kalea Plus and Magic, from Saeco. Both machines offer the flexibility operators need, coupled with sleek design to deliver a premium consumer experience, feel Evoca. What’s more, the user-friendly touchscreen interfaces are a boon for operators too, providing access to extensive configuration options, such as the recipe, temperature and beverage strength. And where fresh milk isn’t an option, but you can’t compromise on taste, Necta’s Krea Touch can deliver great tasting drinks from powdered milk.


“An espresso machine is the foundation of any outlet so selecting the correct machine for your operation is important. More and more, customisable, compact, and branded machines are becoming popular as operators want their equipment to take up as little space as possible, fit into their branding and décor and make the best espresso. Customer impact is also important as the espresso machine usually takes up residence on the front counter so is very visible to customers,” says Scott Singleton, national sales manager UK&I – Crem, Welbilt.

“In my seventeen years in the coffee industry, there have been many changes and trends along the way. How many grams in a shot to how many seconds extraction, it should be this size of cup, this bean, that bean etc.” 

“I believe the grinder is King. If you do not set the grinder correctly, you can ruin any good bean and then make the machine look inadequate. Many years ago, on-demand grinders were very expensive but since then, we have seen them become more affordable, and they are now the staple of many cafés.”

115 coffee machines Crem EX 3 red

The stand-out USP of their award-winning Crem EX3 espresso machine, feel Welbilt, is its customisation capabilities; from selecting the colour, finish, and type of barista lights, right through to the various customisable technical aspects of this model such as electronics and number of boilers and groups.

Ergonomics and user experience have been key to the development of the EX3, they add, with the machine featuring the company’s pioneering Crem TechTM technology to help deliver superior cup quality, and including the new Crem TechTM cool touch automatic steam arm option too.

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